Northwood Seeds
Providing naturally grown seed for retail distributors, 
commercial growers, and for home gardeners

About our seed

Our goal at Northwood Seeds is to produce seed of the highest quality and purity possible for retail distributors without the use of any pesticides or chemicals. We meet or exceed the standards and methods required for organic seed production. We follow all established guidelines for ensuring the purity of our seed varieties and preventing cross pollination by separating related crops with distance, or by using various other isolation methods. We grow large numbers of each variety of plant, and follow the 20/100 rule of plant breeding to ensure a diverse genetic mix. Our seed plants are culled to remove any plant not true to type or any under performers during the growing season. We do not takes seeds from just a few plants as some growers do. Our seed is a homogeneous mix taken from only the best performing plants from large grows. 

Everything we sell is grown here on our farm. We do not grow any GMO or hybrid seed crops. Our seed is germination tested by the NMDA lab in Las Cruses New Mexico. Our field is inspected annually by the USDA for viruses and bacteria during the growing season and we are certified virus free for export outside the US.    

Although our seed is grown primarily for sale to retail seed distributors in bulk quantities, we usually have small amounts of surplus seed each season and are now making this seed available to home gardeners in individual sized packs. It is the same seed we ship to our retailers, but we are often left with more than we need to maintain our personal seed stock. Our selection is limited, and there is no fancy packaging, but you are assured in getting only the best quality seed possible. No matter what size the order, we look forward to having your business.



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