Northwood Seeds
Providing naturally grown seed for retail distributors, 
commercial growers, and for home gardeners

We operate a small family farm that was originally homesteaded in 1882. We are located on a fertile prairie at the foothills of the Selkirk mountain range in northern Spokane county in Eastern Washington. 

We have a relatively short growing season here averaging only 110 frost free days per year. We produce crops that are suitable for short season growing conditions. Over the years we have grown many different crops such as wheat, alfalfa, sun flowers, potatoes, onions, vegetables. flowers and tobacco. Today our focus is on the production of naturally grown seed of the highest quality possible for sale to retail distributors, market growers, and to home gardeners. 

Everything we sell is grown here on our farm. We do not grow any GMO crops or hybrids for seed. We do not use any chemicals or  pesticides on any of our crops. Our fields our inspected annually during the growing seasons by the USDA for viruses and bacteria, and we are certified PVY virus free for export to the E.U. and other countries. 

We do custom grows of seed crops to meet our buyers needs. Any seed already listed on our site can be grown again in quantities. We have an abundance of clean water, hot summer sunshine and fertile soil, and can grow almost any crop that doesn't require a long growing season. Tell us what you're looking for and we will let you know if we can grow it for you. 



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