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Pink & White Giganteum Poppy

This stunning pink and white long stemmed poppy has flowers reaching 3-4 inches across. When dried, the very large seed pods are prized by florists for flower arrangements and other crafts. Bakers use the seeds for bread making and baking. Growing an average of 3 feet high, it is a beautiful addition to any flower garden. 

Poppies are frost tolerant and can be sown in the fall or early spring as soon as the ground is workable. Sprinkle the seed on top of the ground and pack down lightly. Blooms appear in late spring to early summer.

1 packet (approximately 300 seeds)         $3.00
1g          (approximately 9000 seeds)       $15.00 
1 oz (approximately 260,000 seeds)        $45.00    



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