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 Pink Dawn
   (papaver somniferum)

  This poppy has showy, large pink blooms with a purple center and an striking blue/green foliage. Bees, birds and butterflies find this plant very attractive. It grows to an average of 2 - 3 feet tall with a spread of 18 - 24". It can be grown in flowerbeds, containers and most anyplace you want a splash of color. Poppies like regular watering but do not like being over watered.

Poppies are self sowing and you may only need to plant these once. If you do not want them to self seed,  remove dead poppy heads as soon as possible. Poppy heads are prized by florists for flower arrangements and other crafts. Bakers use the seeds for bread making and baking.


1 packet (approximately 500 seeds)         $3.00
1g         (approximately 9000 seeds)        $12.00     
1 oz (approximately 260,000 seeds) $30.00

1/4 lb $65.00
!/2 lb  $110.00
1 lb    $185.00.







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