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Arctic King Lettuce 
( lactuca sativa )

 Arctic King is a variety of heirloom Butterhead lettuce. This Lettuce is very easy to grow and produces a light green crispy leaf. Arctic King gets its name from its ability to withstand frosts and the winter cold with minimal cover in zones 5-10. It is considered one of the hardiest of all lettuces

Arctic King Lettuce can be planted in September or October in southern zones and grown as a winter crop. Plant as soon as the ground can be worked in spring in northern zones for an early spring crop or in late summer for a fall crop. For a continuous season of Arctic King lettuce all summer, plant every 2-3 weeks. It is slow to bolt when the summer heat arrives and cutting will extend the growing season.

1 pack of 300+ seeds $3.00
1 oz  packs approximately 25,000 seeds  $15
1 lb $190     2 lb $350

USDA  PI 536695.


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