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  (Nepeta Cataria)

  Catnip is a perennial and will grow from 3-5 feet tall. It has spikes of pale lilac flowers that bees find irresistible and visit all day long. It is an excellent plant for attracting pollinators to your garden. Catnip prefers full sun and average well drained soil. It is a perennial herb of the mint family and will return year after year. Catnip has a well earned reputation for sending cats into states of kitten like friskiness and euphoria. It is now known that the aroma of catnip is an aphrodisiac to our feline friends. 

  Catnip tends to have a sedative effect on humans. It is most often drunk as a tea for a calming effect. It is also useful for settling an upset stomach. It has also been used to treat headaches, scarlet fever, coughing & insomnia. Catnip can also be used for cuts, studies show it has a natural healing quality. Crush fresh catnip leaves, damp them & apply to your cut. Pregnant women should AVOID Catnip

Sow seed in early Spring or late Fall. Lightly cover seed and water moderately. In early spring, cut out last years spent stems to make way for the new ones. You can shear back plants after their first flush of bloom to encourage another flowering cycle. Catnip is also Deer resistant.

1 pack of 500+ seeds  $3.00
1 gram of seeds           $5.00
1 ounce of seeds          $37.50

(Approximately 1650 seeds per gram - 46,000 per ounce)

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