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Danish Flag  (papaver somniferum) 

 Danish Flags are a stunning eye catching annual variety that make an excellent addition to any flower garden. Growing to 3' or more in height, they produce an abundance of brilliant red and white flowers that reach 4-5 inches across. The bright red petals are predominately fringed at the ends adding to their visual appeal, with white petals forming a cross in the center mimicking Denmark's national flag. The dried pods can be used in flower arrangements or saved for seed. If left in the garden they will easily reseed themselves year after year. 

 Danish Flags can be sown early in the growing season and germinate best at temperatures between 50f -65f degrees. The seeds should be sown 1/8  inch deep and raked in lightly . Keep the soil moist until germination occurs in 14-28 days. Thin to 10"-12" apart. Once established, poppies do well with little watering. Prefers full sun to partial shade.

1 packet (approximately 500 seeds)        $3.00
1g         (approximately 9000 seeds)       $12.00     
1 oz (approximately 260,000 seeds)       $30.00

1/4 lb $65.00
!/2 lb  $110.00
1 lb    $185.00

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