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Lemon Queen Sunflower 
( Helianthus annuus )

 These Sunflowers have beautiful lemon-yellow blooms with chocolate centers. Lemon Queen gets very tall (anywhere from 5-10 feet). Each stalk had at least 20 flowers or more during full bloom. 

 Bees, birds and butterflies love these beautiful flowers. They are a great addition to any garden, large or small. These are also very popular as cut flowers, often being sold at farmers markets.  Sunflower seeds grow best when directly sown in well-drained soils. They do not transplant well. Sow seeds 1-2" deep, spaced 12" apart.

1 pack of 50 seeds  $3.00
1 oz (approximately 800 seeds)  $12.50

1/4 lb   $20.00
1/2 lb   $30.00
1 lb      $50.00

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