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Lupine -
Mixed Colors  ( Lupinus polyphyllus )

A very striking perennial with bold upright spikes that are dense with pea-like flowers in intense blues, reds, pinks and creams. These plants are great for making a statement in any flowerbed. Stately 3' spikes in wide color range bloom from May to July. Attractive foliage, Lupines have soft green leaves. The leaf blades are usually palmately divided into five to 10 leaflets. By careful hybridization and years of work, a man named George Russell in England perfected the multicolored strains in 1937, and they've been the standards ever since. Lupine's are hardy perennials which are resistant to Deer. 

1 package (approximately 50 seeds)   $3.00
1/4 oz (approximately 300 seeds)       $7.50
1 oz  (approximately 1200 seeds)       $12.50

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