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Mullein  (verbascum thapsus) 
 Great or Common Mullein, is a species of Mullein native to Europe, North Africa and Asia. It is a biennial plant which can reach a height of 7 feet or more. The flower stalk rises from a rosette of soft hairy silver green leaves that can reach 2 feet in length. Leaves are alternately spaced up the lower half of the stalk with small yellow flowers densely grouped along upper part.. Stalks can reach an inch or more in diameter and often branch below the flowering portion, especially if the stalk has been damaged.

History and uses:
 Great Mullein was brought to the Americas by early European settlers. Over the centuries it has become naturalized and is now found through out large parts of North America. 
 Numerous local names have been given to Mullein over the centuries because of its varied uses. The hairy down on the leaves and stem make an excellent tinder when dried, readily igniting with a small spark. Before the introduction of cotton, Mullein was used to make lamp wicks, giving rise to the name 'Candlewick Plant'. The long dried stalks were also dipped in suet and burned as torches, giving rise to the name 'Torch Plant"
 Native Americans also discovered many uses for the Mullein after its introduction. They found that the ground seed can be used as a fish poison, as it contains several compounds that cause breathing problems in fish, including rotenone.
 Mullein has long been smoked as a tobacco substitute or blended with Tobacco as a filler. The cured leaves are similar to tobacco in many ways, but contain no nicotine. Many old time chewing tobacco recipes used Mullein as a main ingredient, along with tobacco. A few are still made today.

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