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Tobacco Seed Multi-packs

Our multi-packs are selected blends of tobacco seed tailored to meet individual smokers tastes. Each multi-pack contains three varieties of seed in individual packs, containing 300 or more seeds of each variety. Our multi-packs come in five different blends. We offer a Light Cigarette Blend, Full Flavor Cigarette Blend, Pipe Blend, Caribbean Cigar Blend, and an American Cigar Blend. 

All our seed is non-gmo and is organically grown on our farm in Eastern Washington. Our seeds are varieties chosen for their early maturity and will produce well in areas with short growing seasons. Each pack has detailed planting, harvesting and curing instructions printed inside. We also include a link to our websites tips page which contains more information and photos to help you obtain a successful harvest. 

Our multi-packs of Tobacco seed are $9.95 each. Shipping and handling charges are included. Purchase all 5 packs and received a 20% discount. For larger quantities, contact us for wholesale pricing and additional discounts

Light Cigarette Blend

Light Cigarette Blend contains these varieties:
 Virginia Gold 116, Golden Burley and Turkish Izmir


Full Flavor Cigarette Blend

Full Flavor Cigarette Blend contains these varieties:
Shirey, Green Bryor and Catterton

Pipe Blend

Pipe Blend contains these varieties:
401 Cherry Red, Burley 21 and Black Sea Samson

Caribbean Cigar Blend

Caribbean Cigar Blend contains these varieties:
Havana 142, Hanbano 2000 and Cuban Criollo 98

American Cigar Blend

American Cigar Blend contains these varieties:
Pennsylvania Red, Wisconsin 901 and Connecticut Broadleaf


Buy all 5 packs for $39.80 and save 20%!

Inside of pack

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