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  (papaver somniferum)

 Pepperbox is an heirloom variety poppy that has been a favorite of gardeners for centuries. Often called the Bread Seed poppy, Pepperbox seed is widely used in baking and deserts. The large pods produce an abundance of seed and are also very attractive when used in flower arrangements.

 Pepperbox poppies grow 3' or more in height and produce several blooms per plant. The flowers can be up to 5 inches or more across and plants began blooming in the early to mid summer. Flowering lasts up to 8 weeks or more. Pepperbox poppies can be found in a wide range of colors. This strain has been selected for its extra large white flower with a lilac cross of petals. The maturing green pod in the center helps make these poppies a real eye catcher. A great plant for attracting pollinating insects to your garden. Honeybees find them irresistible!

 Plant in early spring when ground become workable. Keep soil moist until germination occurs in 14-21 days. Thin to approximately 12 inches apart for best results and maximum flower size.

1 packet (approximately 500 seeds)         $3.00
1g         (approximately 9000 seeds)        $12.00     
1 oz (approximately 260,000 seeds) $30.00

1/4 lb $65.00
!/2 lb  $110.00
1 lb    $185.00

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