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Pinto Bean   - Nodak 
( Phaseolus vulgaris )

  This Pinto bean was developed in North Dakota, hence the name Nodak. The Pinto bean is a common variety of bean used in the United States, Mexico and many other countries. This speckled skinned bean is very nutritious and is used in all types of Mexican food. Young pods may also be eaten as a green snap bean. Pinto bean is quite a low maintenance plant and is very easy to grow and great for beginner gardeners. It has a low growing, bushy habit with vining tendrils but doesn't need staking, We found that the vines cling to the next vine and hold itself up. 

Pinto bush beans mature all at once. Beans can be harvested when they dry out on the vine. Matures in 90-100 days.

1 pack of 50+ seeds  $3.00

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