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Southern Giant Curled Mustard
(Brassica Juncea)

  This mustard is an old heirloom from the Southern U.S. Cold-resistant and slow to bolt, makes this a remarkably long-lasting curled type of mustard. The large upright plants have crumpled leaves with a frilled edge. The bright green leaves have a delicious full-bodied mustard taste. Served raw, the young leaves are tasty in salads, they're also delicious lightly stir-fried or sautéed. Very easy to grow, this vigorous plant reaches to a height of 2 feet and spreads to 18-24".  In spring or fall, sow directly into soil 1/8” deep about 1“ apart.  Keep well watered.  For additional crops, sow a new patch every 20-30 days. It takes 50-60 days to maturity.

1 gram pack (approximately 500 seeds) $3.00
1/4 oz pack (approximately 3500 seeds) $7.00
1oz pack (approximately 15,000 seeds) $15.00


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