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Wild Velvet Lupine  
( lupinus leucophyllus )

Lupinus leucophyllus is a species of lupine known by the common name Velvet Lupine. Native to the Inland Northwest, this delicate pale purple flowered lupine is hardier than it looks. It grows in many types of mountain, prairie, and plateau habitat and it common in pastures and the open pine lands of Eastern Washington. The leaves and stems of this Lupine have a soft hairy texture and  a very beautiful soft blue-green coloring. This Lupine is able to withstand hot summers and needs little water, so it's a great plant for a drought tolerant garden. The seed we have was collected from wild plants on our property. Plants get to about 1 - 2 ft tall and can spread to 2 - 3 ft wide. Blooms in early to mid summer.

Pack of 25-30 seeds   $3.00

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